What we do

We solve difficult technical and creative problems using a collaborative, strategy-driven, results oriented workflow

Website design

Onespacemedia creates compelling, intuitive and beautiful websites that deliver real, measurable results. From product and brand promotion to booking systems, e-commerce solutions and major content management systems, our skillset and experience is extensive - we can deliver just about any type of software that lives in the cloud. Further to that, our smart, agile and robust software development practices ensure we deliver brilliant, robust solutions without the usual eye-watering costs.

Research & discovery

We engage in a collaborative round of research and discovery before we begin any design or technical commission. As well as gathering all of the information relevant to the project, we specifically define the project’s goals and its route to success.

We immerse ourselves in our client's approach to their mission, market and competition. Developing a shared understanding of how a system is going to work is critical, and it's crucial to us to know our client's business inside and out. This is key to making sure that our products do exactly what they need to - can be effectively future proofed and delivered to budget. We do this early in the life of the project and it ensures that the project moves forward with the necessary focus.

User interface design

Usability is central to the success of any web project, and that’s why we’re so committed to producing elegant, compelling and user-centric designs. We use a rich combination of known usability theory, our technical skill and practical experience to create beautiful page layouts and assets that encompass all of the techniques the modern web has to offer. Our designers use all of the learning, research and planning from previous phases and create elegant, on-brand user interface designs using industry standard software packages.

Content development

Clear, engaging and concise copy is critical to keeping your audience engaged. Users interact with the web very differently than with other mediums - so it’s vital that any copy is appropriately engineered for the web. Our content producers are highly experienced in copy-writing for the Internet and will work with you to repurpose or rewrite your content inline with your project’s agreed content strategy.

Testing & deployment

All Onespacemedia websites and applications are subject to a vigorous round of testing and quality assurance prior to deployment. Browser compatibility testing, user testing, spell checking are just some of the checkpoints on our list. We’re committed to quality, and maintain that testing shouldn’t be seen as an afterthought.

Online marketing & visibility

There’s no getting around it - good web development takes investment. That’s just one of the reasons that it’s so important to make sure that your audience knows about your new digital project. We engineer and execute client specific social media and marketing campaigns that engage, nurture and grow your relationships with the people that need to know. That’s real value for our clients, and for their clients.

Support & training

We aren’t the type of agency that disappears and leaves you in the dark once the project’s live and the invoice is in the post. We work very closely with our clients post-deployment to ensure that all of the project’s stakeholders have the necessary training and support to ensure that the team are not just comfortable, but confident with the new system.

Measuring success

We use a variety of tools and techniques to monitor and evaluate the performance of your website - including user feedback, website traffic metrics, conversion rates, online revenue figures and search engine rankings. We will provide you with shared access to our tools so you can monitor progress in real-time.

Technical development

Our agile technical development processes allow us to create powerful web applications quickly and cost-effectively. We’re happy building almost any sort of software that lives in the cloud - from Intranets, bulk mailing applications and content management system, to search technologies and video and audio platforms. Whatever the technical requirement, our team will rapidly plan, design and code a robust and easy-to-use solution.

Technical approach

We use a powerful set of development tools based around the popular Django web framework. Designed to allow rapid, agile development, our choice of technology allows us to provide an interactive, iterative development process that produces a robust, maintainable piece of software. Django-powered websites also have a reputation for high performance and scalability, ensuring that our websites continue to function well as their audience grows. We develop primarily with Python - a star on the web scripting scene, and championed by the likes of Google and NASA. Saying that, we're comfortable developing with most modern web technologies.

On the front end, we actively use the latest in browser-side technologies, and combine HTML5, CSS3 (using the excellent SCSS for pre-processing) and a variety of JavaScript libraries for a modern, maintainable result that search engines love.

Content management systems (CMS)

One of specialties is putting total control of a website or application in the hands of a client - and it’s key to making sure that a new site can be maintained and kept up-to-date with minimal technical knowledge. In fact, we’re so keen on excellent content management that we built and deploy our own, custom built CMS - so feel free to ask us for a demonstration and we’ll happily show you its awesome power, speed and usability.

Standards-compliant code

We code our website templates using the latest HTML5 standards, and support all recent releases of popular web browsers. Our code conforms to W3C and WCAG guidelines for accessibility, and typically performs very well in search engine rankings as a result.

Coding approach

Following the Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) philosophy means our code is compact, readable and easy to modify as it develops over time. This philosophy also extends to re-using existing open-source tools when appropriate, although we never try to force third-party software to do something it was never meant to do. We like to keep our code as beautiful as our designs, and are keen contributors to the open-source community.

Version control

Our projects are all developed and maintained using the latest distributed version control tools, ensuring easy cooperation between our team and any future teams that work on the project. This approach also allows us to work on new features without affecting the live website, only pushing up new changes when everything is tested and ready. We use Git.

Graphic design

Outstanding graphic design is all about communication. It's about communicating your brand's ethics, values and mission in a transparent, effective way. Sure, we like good design. But we champion brilliant design - and we pride ourselves on our deliverables.

Branding, logo design and style guides

We’ve designed logos, branding and style guides for an enormous number of companies that work across a wide range of competitive sectors. The work we create is designed to build a brand, create or bolster an identity and inspire audiences.

Books, reports & brochures

We’ve produced a wide range of business communication material - including annual reports, infographics, newsletters, magazines, product brochures and marketing collateral. Our designers produce crisp, professional communications that deliver your messaging through elegant and compelling graphic design and layout.

Promotional and advertising packages

You believe in your product - and it’s time to make sure everybody else does too. Shout about your product, event or service with professionally designed marketing communications from Onespacemedia. Our design process ensures that we understand the audience that we’re designing for - and we meet them with brand appropriate, high quality artwork.

Event and point-of-sale design

Complete your brand package with eye-catching, on-brand stage or point-of-sale design - including pop-up-banners, stage backgrounds and podium branding.