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Phenomenal book promotion


Phenomenal book promotion

We're delighted to annouce that Onespacemedia has been appointed to embark on an eight-week online marketing programme to promote Cambridge Phenomenon's forthcoming book,The Cambridge Phenomenon: 50 years of innovation and enterprise.

The book will cover the remarkable history of the Phenomenon since 1960, from the challenges of starting businesses in a hostile environment to the boom years in the late 1980s and 1990s, the dotcom bust in 2000 and the new reality of starting and growing businesses when money is tight.

The Cambridge Phenomenon is a must-have read for the people and companies who have contributed to building the Cambridge technology cluster, and also for those who want to discover the secrets of Cambridge’s success.

Multi-channel marketing

We're busy devising a marketing strategy that spans LinkedIN and Twitter as well as more tradional channels such as press and direct marketing. As well as an incentive programme to encourage pre-orders, we'll be running quizzes and competitions to build audience engagement.