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Onespacemedia launches


Onespacemedia launches

We live in a culture where everything is rated, from New York hotels to your local design agency and everything in between. Gone are the days when we relied on a hunch, or spent precious time trawling endless travel brochures and websites.

The latest industry to benefit from being ranked is recruitment, giving employers and employees alike the chance to have their say and help them make an informed decision. Often ill-regarded, recruiters may be forced to up their game as a result.

Our latest site gives users the opportunity to rate recruitment agencies across a range of attritubes from likeability to personal attention. Early adopter, Philippa Taylor, human resources manager, said “Rankarecruiter has been a godsend. I find that I’m using the site on an almost daily basis; it’s surprisingly addictive. Being able to search for the biggest rankers has definitely aided our recruitment process.”

James Cotton, founder of Onespacemedia, “We wanted to create a tool that would benefit users as well as the recruiters being ranked. We finally have a forum where employers and employees can openly share their experiences for the benefit of the recruitment industry as a whole.”

Recruitment agencies, find out how you rank at