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Evolutionary approach to digital for Jo Alexander


Evolutionary approach to digital for Jo Alexander

Long-term relationships yield greater results; as an agency we gain a deeper understanding of your business and as a client you can rely on us to recognise and take advantage of digital trends that improve your bottom line.

A real and tangible example of this is with Jo Alexander, a fashionable garden and interior furniture and accessory retailer. The company first engaged us in 2009 to design, build and launch their first ecommerce platform. Over the last two years we have steadily been adding features to the front and back end and have also engaged in a digital marketing programme to boost relevant traffic and increase market share.

The digital world moves fast and over the last two years design trends have changed and web technology has advanced dramatically. Browsing habits have changed too, for example a large proportion of Jo Alexander's traffic now originates from mobile and tablet devices. When we first started talking to Jo Alexander, the iPad had only just been released so wasn't a major factor in our planning and design.

It's important to keep up with the pace of change and subsequently Jo Alexander have again commissioned Onespacemedia to design and build their new platform. The new website will feature a clean, responsive design, new cart technology and a host of social features including real-time product reviews.

We look forward to sharing the new site next month.