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Immersive digital experience for Cambridge's first science centre


Immersive digital experience for Cambridge's first science centre

The Cambridge Science Centre is a much-anticipated, public interactive science centre - the first of its kind in the city. The educational charity, founded by Chris Lennard and Katia Smith-Litière, provides a hands-on opportunity for children and adults to learn and get excited about science.

Onespacemedia worked with the Centre to craft an immersive site that both engages visitors and provides detailed information on the Centre and the charity behind it. As well as clearly communicating the range of evolving attractions, we also created a customised schools booking system that enables teachers to book visits and outreach sessions for their classes.

At the heart of the site is an intelligent data model that cross-links exhibitions, exhibits, events, people, sponsors and resources. The site's engine room is a bespoke content management system that simplifies the management of a complex set of ever-changing information.

"Onespacemedia have been a pleasure to work with" said Chris Lennard, CEO. "Their design for the Cambridge Science Centre on-line experience has given us a world class platform to showcase our work. Their content management systems are powerful and intuitive, and their team responsiveness exceptional."

James Cotton, founder of Onespacemedia, said, "Working with Chris and his team was a privilege - the synergy between our organisations enabled us to create this beautiful website that provides a extensive range of online tools and content for anyone curious or excited by science."

As part of its corporate social responsibility programme Onespacemedia donated 20% of the value of the project to the Centre.

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