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The changing face of internships


The changing face of internships

Internships have become commonplace over recent years; no longer restricted to the ‘filling’ of sandwich courses, they provide a short-term apprenticeship for professional careers and are seen by many as an entry level to recruitment.

Some 21.7% of summer 2009 graduates who found jobs six months later had been taken on by an employer with whom they had previously had work experience, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

The benefits to an employer can be significant, and, if they’re lucky, interns have the opportunity to take huge steps towards their chosen career. All too often we hear tales of endless tea-making and paper-pushing; a waste of an intern’s time and talent and for an employer a wasted opportunity.

But, the tide is turning; such is the popularity and appetite for talented interns that the likes of Google and Amazon actively compete for tech talent, offering staggering salaries and attractive benefits to lure in promising candidates (if they survive the gruelling interview process).

While we can’t compete with the mighty Google, what Onespacemedia offers is time and expertise. To us, it’s about investing in and inspiring future generations of talent; imparting knowledge and giving an insight into the commercial side of design - helping budding designers build the confidence and tools they need to succeed. It’s time to shake the attitude of old and provide tangible, valuable experience and give interns the competitive edge.

All our interns leave us with a smorgasbord of new skills to add to their CVs and they even tell us it’s fun! We're always keen to meet enthusiastic talent, eager to learn. We would love to hear from you if you are one of those people.

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