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Diary of an intern: week one


Diary of an intern: week one

About this time last year I would stroll into a room full of students, around the 10 o’clock mark, madly stressing because they only had 2 weeks to finish their orange juice packaging. Now I find myself arriving bright and early at the Onespacemedia studio, to a busy and harmonious team of designers and developers talking about this week’s web projects, heads glued to their Macs.

This week I had my first client meeting; a baptism of acronym fire. It turns out that a WYSIWYG is not rhyming slang for an Irish jig but actually means What You See Is What You Get (referring to an editing system where content on-screen appears as it would as a finished product). Who knew? H1, Python, Javascript, SEO, div – I felt like a bit of a div. As the meeting went on I began to connect the dots between what I’d learned at University and how it actually relates in the business world.

Throughout the week I’ve had the chance to work on a few websites; adding content and learning what goes on behind the scenes of a website. I also saw my first bit of work on a site launch - a satisfying feeling.

My brain is bulging with new information and I’m inspired by the work that I’m contributing to. It’s great to get the ball rolling - while drinking poorly packaged orange juice.