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"Did you invent Facebook?"

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"Did you invent Facebook?"

Our lead developer, Dan, was asked to talk to primary schools about his role at Onespacemedia recently as part of National Science & Engineering Week - and how it relates to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

He visited four primary schools and spoke to children aged between 5 and 11 about how he started out with computers, his transition into software and what he’s learned over the past 7 years. A short Q&A session after each talk raised some interesting questions - "Did you invent Facebook?" is our favourite.

The internet is so ingrained in our culture that there is a natural curiosity among children to not only use it, but to learn about the mechanics of websites and how they are created. “Being able to inspire the next generation of developers to get involved in programming and start thinking about making their own websites was an honour," says Dan. “I really hope that programming becomes part of the school curriculum, there's so much potential in the next generation but they need to be given the tools and the knowledge required to get started.”

If you're looking to get started with HTML and the web, Dan recommends the HTML guide at Codecademy