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Celebrating ground-breaking initiatives in science & technology


Celebrating ground-breaking initiatives in science & technology

Newton, Crick and Watson, Sanger, Babbage, Turing. From physics to genomics to computing, Cambridge has a long history of scientific and technological innovation. The city is also pretty good at turning these discoveries into globally renowned companies.

At Onespacemedia we're lucky enough to work with many of the city's movers and shakers in science and technology and what better way to celebrate this than by launching sites for two initiatives that represent very different ends of the scientific spectrum.

First up is the Cambridge Science Centre, a public interactive centre in the heart of the city. Founded as an educational charity, it hosts a diverse and ever-changing range of exhibits designed to inspire the next generation of scientists. Nerve, a 3-day disruptive technology summit taking place in Cambridge in June, represents the pinnacle of scientific and technological discovery. The event boasts an awesome line-up of speakers and thought-leaders that were once those wide-eyed children messing around with circuit boards and bunsen burners that we see in the Cambridge Science Centre today.

It's a privilege to work with organisations of this calibre and the websites we have created for both of these initiatives showcase some of the latest techniques and technologies that the modern web has to offer.

Check out the case studies: Cambridge Science Centre and Nerve

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