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Diary of an intern: week two


Diary of an intern: week two

Well, I did it: I survived week one. My mind was buzzing with new information and I was excited about what the next week would bring.

My to-do list for the week promised a varied schedule: more client meetings, an introduction to web development with the lead developer and art directing packshots for print projects.

What struck me in the client meetings I was involved in this week was how deep the team here delve into their clients’ businesses to get a full understanding of what they want to achieve and how to get there. I realise how important it is to do your homework before even thinking about creative approaches.

Dan introduced me to HTML and WYSIWYGs - not as daunting as I had imagined. Seemingly random text and symbols were beginning to make sense. Progress!

Print next. The design team had just finished a large project creating marketing collateral (that’s brochures, folders, business cards and datasheets to the layman) and I was tasked with finding the best way to display them. I’m pretty pleased with the results - even if I say so myself.

So, week two done. I’m finding my flow and am no longer a <div>. Bring on week three!