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Small cell backhaul pioneer CCS appoints Onespacemedia


Small cell backhaul pioneer CCS appoints Onespacemedia

A strong digital presence is crucial to the success of any technology marketing campaign. But building that strong digital foundation is only the first step to succeeding in such a competitive sector.

The organisations that constantly re-evaluate the effectiveness of their digital operations against the evolving digital landscape are always the ones with the strongest representation - and subsequently, the strongest long term impact.  

Cambridge Communication Systems (CCS) is one of those organisations. CCS, a company specialising in cutting edge technology products that solve the myriad of problems borne from the aggressive expansion of mobile data traffic, is set to redeliver its digital presence - partnering with us at Onespacemedia to reimagine its existing website and reinforce its respected position in a competitive global marketplace. 

James Cotton, Founder and MD of Onespacemedia, commented, “CCS has made huge strides recently with commercial trials of its game-changing technology in the UK and China. As the world wrestles with the mobile data traffic explosion, interest in solutions such as those provided by CCS is growing fast. CCS has picked the perfect time to boost its marketing activities and commission a site that better reflects the company today.”