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Onespacemedia appointed by graphene technology startup


Onespacemedia appointed by graphene technology startup

Onespacemedia has been selected by graphene commercialisation company, Cambridge Graphene Ltd, to create a brand identity and corporate website.

Working in partnership with Cambridge Graphene Centre, the startup commercialises graphene technologies that originate from the University of Cambridge and other institutions, as well as developing the technology itself to create a valuable IP for licensing.

Hailed as the new ‘wonder material’, graphene - a pure carbon structure that is just one atom thick - has the potential to revolutionise electronic technology. It is the strongest, most pliable material on the planet with a broad range of potential applications from making smartphones virtually indestructable to making better batteries and faster electronics.

The Onespacemedia team will create a brand identity and website that positions Cambridge Graphene as a technological innovator, providing a platform for them to promote their work to both potential industrial partners and academics.