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AIM-ready website for pioneering investment business

Commercialising tomorrow's technologies

Mercia Technologies PLC, a Midlands based leader in the funding and commercialisation of technology businesses in the UK, commissioned Onespacemedia to plan, design and build a responsive, CMS-powered website in time for the companies AIM IPO. Delivered in a very tight timescale, this elegant corporate website boasts a suite of modern features including corporate videos, interactive timelines, investment graphs and real-time investor relations tools that include share price graphs and live regulatory news feeds.

Setting the scene

All Onespacemedia projects begin with a in-depth research phase that allows us to forward plan a project in microscopic detail. Visual research plays a big role in this process and mood boards allow our designers to quickly test clients’ reactions to the look and feel of similar websites. A company’s brand provides us with the foundation for design and inspiration from across the web allows us to test design elements such a colour scheme, typography, graphic style and interactivity. Pinterest is a great tool for quick web-based visual research. Take a look at our board for this project.

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Powerful website management tools

We created an intuitive, flexible website management system that puts the power to create rich, multi-media driven page designs in the hands of Mercia Technologies' website administrators. Our powerful page builder technology provides administrators with a content section type system that allows them to put together beautiful page layouts thatcontain background videos, carousels, news feeds, people grids and many more section types without any coding or advanced technical knowledge.

Great websites need great content

Onespacemedia worked with corporate video specialists Somersault Productions to populate the website with short, impactful films about Mercia Technologies and some of the companies that they have invested in. Alongside video work we wrote a brief for a photographer local to Mercia Technologies to ensure we had the perfect images and photographic style to complement the user interface.

Interactive timelines

We created an exciting visual tool that allows Mercia Technologies to create interactive timelines of key events relating to their investment companies. By adding timeline events such as investments, staff/board changes, news articles, awards and milestones Mercia Technologies can present the detail of their involvement with companies an an engaging and highly-visual style. Once created, timelines can be included in any pages across the site using our page builder technology.

Real-time investor relations

IPOs are complicated affairs and websites for listed companies have to adhere to a stringent list of rules and guidelines to ensure compliance. Onespacemedia’s experience working with AIM-listed organisations ensured that we had the knowledge and expertise to propose investor relations content and interactive tools that satisfy AIM Rule 26. A live share price graph, latest trade information, regulatory news feeds, corporate governance and other content are included in the dedicated investor relations section.

Responsive web design

Onespacemedia’s websites are responsively designed to ensure that visitors enjoy an optimised experience no matter the browser or device they are viewing the website from. Support for older browsers and devices is also included with elegant fallbacks for unsupported features or technologies.

"It was a privilege to work with such a forward-thinking investment company as they worked around the clock in their preparation to list on AIM. Given the opportunity to combine our digital expertise with Mercia Technologies' exciting portfolio of companies, we were able to deliver a rich site that the whole team is very proud of - and a successful project that further demonstrates our ability to generate outstanding results within the fast-paced financial industry."

Thomas Rumbold, Head of Product, Onespacemedia

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