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Finding and treating cancer


Finding and treating cancer

A novel approach to life science brand and website development 

Cancer Targeting Systems (CTS) is developing a new approach to cancer care, through innovative products that combine imaging and treating cancer, enabling clinicians and patients to make clearer choices. Onespacemedia was commissioned by this exciting life science company to create its brand and website. Our brief was to bring a fresh visual approach in a sector that is traditionally known for its 'safe' approach to design.

Corporate identity design

The CTS logo concept is based on the company’s unique technology - an innovative gene-based technology that combines cancer cell imaging with therapy. The Onespacemedia design team created a logo symbol that is based on a target representing the location of cancer, with the ‘plus’ symbol representing the therapeutic payload. This symbol, combined with a distinctive colour scheme and crisp typography ensures that the CTS brand will stand out in the life science and healthcare sectors.

Brochureware redefined

The CTS Bioscience website keeps the core message simple at this early stage of the business but the experience redefines the brochureware genre with a range of modern web techniques that are designed to immerse and delight the visitor. To the user, the website presents its content in a single page scrolling environment with supporting multimedia that include elegant product animations and background video. The website is fully responsive and provides an optimised experience for users accessing the site on any type of device. With a powerful CMS and a range of template types, CTS Bioscience have a scalable platform on which to build the website as the company expands its operations.

"Onespacemedia have proven themselves creative and effective. They understood our needs quickly and came up with a modern and elegant solution that does not distract from the company’s core messages."

Will West, President & CEO, Cancer Targeting Systems (CTS) 

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