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Inspiring the next generation of scientists

The Cambridge Science Centre is a public interactive science centre - the first of its kind in Cambridge. The educational charity provides a hands-on opportunity for children and adults to learn about science. The charity appointed us to plan, design and build a new website and online administration system to promote the centre and its attractions.

Large, complex website projects are our speciality. We worked with a group of stakeholders from the Cambridge Science Centre through a series of planning sessions to better understand the website audience and how the site could effectively serve each audience type.

Educating Cambridge through scientific events

The Science Centre puts on hundreds of events every week. We designed the site so that visitors have a simple way to find the events they are interested in and ensure that the booking process is intuitive and hassle-free. Equally important was creating a CMS module that would put the power to manage thousands of event listings in the hands of the Centre's website administrators.

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Central booking system

A critical part of the Science Centre's model is to reach out to schools and academic communities in Cambridgeshire and it's surrounding area. To facilitate this need, we built a feature rich, calendar based booking system that allows schools and academic institutions to make bookings for talks, events and tours of the centre throughout the year.

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Community kudos

The Cambridge Science Centre's operation relies on a deep network of contributors and volunteers that present at talks, exhibitions and events. We wrote a system that displays contributors and their related events - providing a one-stop location for finding out who is involved in the centre's rich roster of academic exhibitions.

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Extending an existing brand

Prior to the opening of their permanent home, the Cambridge Science Centre spent a significant amount time running one-off events, increasing their visibility and raising funds. We wanted to ensure that any brand traction they had already created was extended by the new website. Our friends over at design agency 'The District' had worked with Chris and his team to develop the Centre’s logo, the existing website and a range of eye-catching marketing materials. We worked closely with them throughout the course of the project to ensure that any work we did was on-brand. The District also provided many of the illustrations and icons that were used across the site. We also rebranded the Centre’s various social channels to ensure a consistent look and feel across their online ecosystem.

Powerful data management

Our development team extended the Onespacemedia CMS to provide the Centre’s staff with a powerful and usable website administration system - streamlining administration and reducing operational spend. These features include the ability to manage a range of evolving attractions and a bespoke schools visit booking system for teachers. At the heart of the site is an intelligent data model that cross-links exhibitions, events, people, sponsors and resources.

Fulfilling a social responsibility

Onespacemedia enjoys relationships with many of Cambridge’s science and technology sector companies and institutions. What better way to say thank you than by making a donation to help inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers? As part of our CSR programme Onespacemedia has made a 25% contribution to the value of the project as a donation to the Centre.

If you are in town we highly recommend a visit.

"Onespacemedia have been a pleasure to work with. Their design for the Cambridge Science Centre online experience has given us a world class platform to showcase our work. Their content management systems are powerful and intuitive, and their team responsiveness exceptional."

Chris Lennard, CEO

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