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Vital research programme tackling climate change gets digital overhaul


Vital research programme tackling climate change gets digital overhaul

At the centre of climate change research and scientific investigation in the Arctic, The NERC Arctic Research Programme (ARP) is a five-year project built to address the extensive scientific uncertainties in one of the world’s most fascinating regions. The £15m research effort will work through a five-year period to address key questions about environmental change in the Arctic and it’s impact on global weather patterns.

Approached by ARP to help raise the profile of the project, Onespacemedia designed, built and delivered an interactive, intelligent website to aid scientists in their mission to publicise their work and their news, connect with each other, and easily relay their world-changing effort with the public, the media and other scientific bodies.

In combination with the use of stunning, high resolution video and imagery, the final site delivery has a number of key features that makes it stand apart in the scientific arena.

Project driven mapping

The need to demonstrate the breadth of projects that ARP run was met by providing an interactive, project driven map that displays ARP projects geographically. It’s a visual, satisfying way to display an interesting dataset and can be filtered by each project’s unique objectives.

Smart data relationships

Connecting projects, people, partners and related news in an elegant, meaningful way took some thought. But we delivered a data model that links the elements - putting a myriad of useful information at the visitor’s fingertips.


Retina supported imagery

Consumer devices and their capabilities are constantly evolving. With more devices than ever delivering media at super-high resolution, web assets need to be engineered in a way that delivers them appropriately - preventing images from appearing pixellated and washed out. We use a series of CSS tools that detect the active device, and deliver the images that best fit the resolution.



Real time weather

In order to demonstrate a project’s surroundings, environment and global context, the site connects to a leading weather API - and drives the data to the relevant project, by location. This tool goes some way to demonstrating that weather in the Arctic isn't always in the minus twenties!

Responsive development

With our appreciation for the multitude of ways that the Internet is accessed, we committed to making sure that the ARP website was fully responsive. This decision ensures that the layout of the site’s content is optimised for the device that it is being accessed on - making use of some of our industry's most cutting edge development frameworks.

"We are delighted with the new site. We wanted something that would showcase our science, explain what our projects are achieving and enable our scientists to interact more easily with the public, stakeholders and each other. The depth of the site is very gratifying to see and I am sure it will prove to be a vital tool for the programme and our team."

Dr Cynan Ellis-Evans, Science Co-ordinator, ARP

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