Reimagining the brand identity of global telecoms pioneers

Positioning for global impact

Small-cell microwave backhaul specialist CCS is expanding rapidly and building significant traction in the communications industry. As part of the expansion plans CCS approached Onespacemedia to reimagine its corporate brand. After an in-depth research and strategy round we redesigned the company logo and the entire suite of marketing collateral across digital, print and exhibition. The results of the project are helping to position CCS as a major player in the global communications technology sector.

Exploring design routes

After building a greater understanding of CCS's market, audience and business objectives the Onespacemedia design team explored three different visual routes: connectivity including points, lines and interconnections, geometric including shapes patterns and space and organic including evolutionary, flexible and self-healing concepts. We used Pinterest to build a bank of visuals that represented the various conceptual routes before discussing and choosing the final design direction with the client.

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Chosen concept for rebranding

After deciding to explore the geometric design route we experimented with various shapes that relate to the unique way that CCS’ technology works. We settled on a circular ‘fan’ shape that represents the 270 degree output radius of CCS node. We added a slight rotation on Z axis and adjusted for perspective before matching the shape with a complementary typeface.

Balancing shape and space

To achieve a sound aesthetic balance to the logo marque, we explored form and space by building a rectangular geometry using the 'golden ratio'.

We built a 'golden rectangle' - a shape in which the ratio of the longer side to the shorter is the 'golden ratio'.

We used the frame of the rectangle to create circles and choose three circles (A, B, C) to build the geometric base of the logo marque.

Building the geometric base

Using the three circles from the golden rectangle we determined the outer diameter (A), the inner negative space (C) and the width of the base of the main element (B) of the geometric base of the logo marque.

We identified two additional circles (S and M) using uniform height variation. We then rounded off the top vertex of the three elements.

The base element was cloned ten times with uniform spacing across 360 degrees to create the circle shape.

We finished the circle by rounding off the base and corners of all elements before experimenting with various configurations of the final geometric shape.

Typographic perfection

Not content with the standard form of the chosen typeface we created a stronger unity between the shape and letterforms by subtly rounding the corners of the letterforms to match the rounded corners of the marque. With some precise spacing adjustment the final version was complete.

Brand application

With the logo complete the Onespacemedia design created a branding system including colour, spacing and typographic guidelines before applying this methodology to a new suite to marketing collateral. We rebranded the website and social channels, created new brochures, branded CCS products and built an exhibition stand for the company’s booth at Mobile World Congress.

"Onespacemedia took a structured, methodical approach to developing the new CCS logo and the end result effectively reflects the unique aspects of the CCS system. The re-branding was then applied to various marketing materials to update everything within tight timescales for a major exhibition, projecting a highly impactful and consistent presence for the company."

Helen Stalker, Head of Marketing, Cambridge Communication Systems