Thinking forward: brand and identity for pioneering UK games startup


Thinking forward: brand and identity for pioneering UK games startup


Automaton's mission is simple - to reimagine the way that multiplayer games are developed, by combining exceptional technical skill with a ground-up reworking of current development paradigms. The team approached Onespacemedia for help with positioning the organisation as a youthful, ambitious, but technically outstanding games development organisation by delivering a brand identity and website designed to project and amplify their corporate vision.

The logo mechanics

The game development industry is a tight-knit and competitive one. It was important for Onespacemedia's creative team to combine simplicity, immediacy and sector-appropriate convention to deliver an instantly recognisable logo concept. We married a mechanical concept with a modern, understated colour palette to position Automaton independently and confidently.


A recruitment-focused website

Automaton's power is in its people - and technical and creative talent is massively valuable within the games industry. We focused on a concept designed to resonate with new and established gaming professionals in a bid to help Automaton drive recruitment through their digital presence.

Device optimised design

At Onespacemedia, responsive design is non-negotiable - and we insist on an experience that is robust, reliable and optimised regardless of the device a website is accessed from. The details are important - and aesthetics, typographic styling and a solid grid structure is key to ultimate consistency across platforms.

"Automaton are doing some of the games industry's most innovative development work and it was a pleasure to learn about their commitment to technical excellence. We're thrilled with the result of the site and looking forward to seeing the organisation make real waves in the industry."

Thomas Rumbold, Head of Operations, Onespacemedia

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