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Connecting industry and academia

Cambridge Enterprise was set up in 2006 to help University of Cambridge inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs make their ideas and concepts more commercially successful for the benefit of society, the UK economy, the inventors and the University.

We have worked with Cambridge Enterprise on a range of initiatives and in this latest project we were tasked to develop a new CMS-powered website that would serve the organisation's range of audiences. Designed to match University of Cambridge digital guidelines the site delivers an elegant and intuitive user experience and providers Cambridge Enterprise staff with a powerful website management platform to manage important operational processes.

User-centric information design

Cambridge Enterprise works across three distinct but overlapping areas - technology transfer, consultancy and seed funding. These activities attract a diverse range of audiences so well structured information architecture was a critical factor in the site's success. We combined various techniques including: a four-tiered, flexible site hierarchy; intuitive global search; functionality to group and cross-relate site content; and an FAQ module to ensure that visitors can find the information they are seeking quickly and efficiently.

The personal touch

Historically Cambridge Enterprise fielded all external contact through its switchboard and centralised email address. To increase efficiency, reduce admin costs and provide a more personal service we built a module that allows Cambridge Enterprise to assign contact details to the top of any web page. Tied closely to a people module that lists all of Cambridge Enterprise staff, the contact widget also includes an image to create a friendlier and more familiar bond between the website visitor and staff member.

View the contact widget

Licensing and reagents

A key element of the organisation's business is promoting University of Cambridge technology and licensing opportunities. We built a CMS module to store and manage a range of ever-changing opportunities and promote them in different ways across the site. As well as centralised, filterable lists we also built a home page widget to promote the latest opportunities and RSS feeds for interested parties to get up-to-date licensing and reagent opportunities in real-time, without having to revisit the website.

Equity portfolio

We built a portfolio management tool to allow Cambridge Enterprise to present and manage their various investments. Investments are categorisable against a scalable labelling system and the website presents filterable lists of companies as well as detail pages on individual companies.

View the equity portfolio

"The Cambridge Enterprise site required careful and highly detailed planning. Our interviews with a wide range of stakeholders provided us with critical information that fed directly into the process. The result is not just an intuitive and well-designed website that provides rapid access to information, but also a powerful website management platform that interfaces with many of the organisation's mission critical operations."

James Cotton, Founder, Onespacemedia

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