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Changing the face of machine conversation

Game-changing dialog technology

Cambridge technology start-up VocalIQ have created the world’s first self-learning dialog API. Based on years of academic research the technology can be rapidly deployed into an almost infinite range of applications. We worked with VocalIQ to plan, design and develop a CMS-powered, responsive website that explains and describes the benefits of this game-changing technology.


The people behind the technology

Innovative technology companies often forget to represent the human side of their organisations. Demonstrating culture and company style through imagery is an proven way to build trust. We planned and commissioned a corporate photoshoot to produce vibrant images that could be used across the website to show off the friendly and open culture at VocalIQ.

Engagement through interaction

Online attention spans are dwindling and drawing visitors into website content is an increasingly difficult challenge for website creators. The VocalIQ website takes full advantage of modern UX techniques including animations and transitions that are triggered by user actions such as scrolling or rolling over an image or call to action. These micro-interactions elevate flat designs to exciting online experiences that surprise and delight the user, drawing them further into the content and ultimately into action.

Creating the optimal experience

Modern websites adapt to provide an optimal browsing experience no matter the device or screen size being used. Using responsive coding techniques, VocalIQ's website navigation and content adapts to provide an enjoyable user experience whether browsing on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

"VocalIQ's team of scientists and engineers are re-defining the way that we interact with our machines - putting natural, self-learning dialog between us and all of our devices. Acutely aware that they need to represent their cutting-edge product with a cutting-edge web presence, our challenge was to use clean, bold design and interaction techniques to explain their pioneering ideas simply and clearly. We're delighted with both the results of the project and our new relationship with VocalIQ's visionary team - and we're looking forward to supporting the team through their next phase of growth."

Tom Rumbold, Head of Product, Onespacemedia

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