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Powering collaboration between science and society

Founded in 2009, The Centre for Science and Policy helps the sciences and technology to serve society by promoting engagement between researchers and policy professionals. Based in Cambridge with close ties to the University the centre promotes engagement between its network members: policy professionals, experts in the sciences and engineering, business leaders, early career researchers and others who have an interest in the relationship between science and policy.

Onespacemedia were appointed to plan, design and build a powerful software suite that would empower CSaP stakeholders with a powerful set of tools to manage the centre’s activities and provide users with access to a large, diverse and constantly evolving range of information. At the heart of the project is a custom built mission-critical CRM/CMS system that powers every aspect of the website.

On-brand design

The CSaP website adopted the University of Cambridge's 2010 website design templates to ensure a visual link between the respected organisations. It's simple lines, muted colour palette and serif typefaces provide a modern and classic style.

Intelligent data

Under the hood of the CSaP website is an intuitive and feature-packed CRM (constituent relationship management) system that plans, manages and records interactions with CSaP’s vast network of people and companies. Bespoke modules including events, scheduling, mapping, html email and list management provide a powerful toolkit that staff use to manage the organisation’s activities.

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Powerful website management

To streamline website management tasks Onespacemedia created software that both manages CSaP's network of people and organisations and provides tools that allow specific content to be organised and exposed on the public website. This powerful combination of CRM and CMS tools has dramatically cut administration time and ensures that information on the website is always accurate and up-to-date.

"Onespacemedia took a complex brief and provided elegant solutions. They were great to work with and we are delighted with the results."

Chris Tyler, Executive Director, CSaP

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