Digital overhaul for project management consultancy brand


Northmores is an innovative project management firm specialising in large construction projects for the healthcare and commercial sectors. With over 25 years experience managing projects ranging from large company headquarters to hospital facilities, Northmores provide a range of integrated expert services including project management, design management and lead consultancy. Recognising the need to modernise in an increasingly competitive and fast-moving sector, Northmores appointed Onespacemedia to redesign their brand, marketing materials and website to reposition the company as a leading, specialist provider of project management services.

Providing a competitive edge through research-led design

All of Onespacemedia’s website design and development projects begin with a meticulous research and discovery process designed to build a shared understanding of the company, its audiences, its culture, its products and services, its competitors and how this information influences our recommendations. Backing up design and technical decisions with solid rationale ensures that websites are more aligned with business goals and that there is a shared understanding amongst all project stakeholders. 

Contemporary design, big-screen experience

The Northmores website provides an intuitive user experience designed to immerse website users and lead them through a series of content journeys that encourage user action. By combining large format project visuals with elegant typography, modern UI design and contemporary transitions and UX techniques, the website delivers an elegant website and information experience that elevates the Northmores brand.

Exposing company culture through imagery

We commissioned a company-wide photoshoot of the Northmores team at their Cambridge HQ. Websites that incorporate authentic photography of a organisation's team or working environment help to deliver a friendly and approachable information experience. This simple but powerful technique breaks down barriers to communication by familiarising website visitors with the company. Business is ultimately about people so reinforcing this ethos on a company website helps to provide businesses with a competitive edge. 

Brand consistency across multiple channels

An organisation that adopts a consistent approach to communication across all of its channels exposes a more professional image which can be the deciding factor when customers choose one company over a competitor. As well as designing business stationery, we created presentation and document templates for Northmores as well as social media assets to ensure brand consistency and professionalism across print and digital mediums.

"The outcome of the Northmores project is a modern, contemporary brand and website that exposes the transformative power of research-driven web design and development. As well as demonstrating a series of advanced user experience techniques, the Northmores website helps to boost the organisation's profile and reputation in a highly competitive market. We're delighted with the results."

James Cotton, Founder and MD, Onespacemedia

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