Digital revolution for global veterinary telemedicine specialists

The task at hand

VetCT are a global veterinary telemedicine consultancy, specialising in market-leading radiology reporting services. With a strong presence in the UK, Europe and Australasian markets, the company offer expert services, expertise and and courses to their list of distinguished clients.

VetCT approached Onespacemedia with the aim of completely overhauling their digital presence. Complete with a fully responsive visual refresh, digital marketing materials and business-critical systems integrations, the project was a multi-discipline technology effort turned round at a rapid production pace.



VetCT offer a number of high-quality, fast-turnaround services that distinguish them among their competitors. Constructing a way to showcase these in a visually interesting way, while still providing the facility to allow space to add services while the business grows, was one of the project's necessities - and we complimented a dedicated CMS module with a series of high-quality assets generated through a series of professional photoshoots.

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With a world-leading team of radiologists on the company's books, the company offer a series of training courses and consultancy opportunities designed to help businesses empower their own in-house staff with new skills. We built a module designed to handle global courses and attendee registrations, integrated with Stripe's excellent multi-region payment platform.

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Find a scanner

A dedicated application for finding a CT/X-ray scanner anywhere across VetCT's global network makes finding a partner easy. We used the Google Maps API to build out a system that maps the VetCT network globally, providing contact details and directions to a scanner in your area.

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User account and dashboard

VetCT's custom-built case management system gives their clients full transparency of the company's case reporting service. We built an integration with their internal system that means users can access their platform through the website - as well as find helpful resources, view any payments they've made through the website and track the events that they've got coming up.

Other key features

There's a lot happening under the hood of the VetCT site. As well as a powerful, Django-powered CMS, the site has multi-currency payment facilities, a full regionalisation suite, and a news and testimonials system. Find out a little about those below.


Multicurrency payments

Using Stripe's outstanding payment gateway, the system is built to handle payments across a number of regions - allowing the company to sell online to a global marketplace.


Management software

The site's website management system allows administrators with no technical knowledge to build inspired, visually interesting page layouts at the click of a button.



Serving a global marketplace was a priority for VetCT, and it was key that they could deliver different content to different regions. Our team built an IP lookup system that serves content by visitor region.

"Onespacemedia provided our company with an excellent service from start to finish. We were incredibly impressed with the time that they took to understand our company through a series of detailed meetings.They were interested in our needs and goals and they brought ideas to the table which we had not previously considered. This is a company which knows how to add value to your digital presence - there is careful thought behind every aspect of their design and development. The entire team is extremely professional and helpful and they went the extra mile to make sure that we were entirely happy with the final product. We would highly recommend them - no matter what your line of business, Onespacemedia will take the time and effort to evolve and enhance your digital presence".

Victoria Johnson, Director, VetCT

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