Putting clarity, accuracy and power at the heart of complex data systems


PhixFlow partner with some of world's leading retail, telecoms and healthcare providers to bring clarity and accuracy to complex, distributed data systems. Their powerful, flexible integrated software product is designed to align disparate data systems in a way that allows organisations to re-imagine the relationship they have with their data.

In-line with the organisation's renaming, rebranding and relaunch, PhixFlow commissioned Onespacemedia to deliver a website that simplifies their global IT partnership proposition to clients who put data at the heart of their success.

Brand evolution

Focus, confidence and effectiveness is at the centre of PhixFlow's brand and we worked closely with the team make minor adjustments to the organisation's logo system to ensure it fit naturally within the new website and a competitive IT space. In addition to that, we created a series of new vector illustrations to bring a single, uniform style to the organisation's outward marketing identity, used across the website and beyond.



Giving content a natural flow

Communicating complex technical concepts simply is vital to ensuring that PhixFlow stand out in their space and can catalyse the kinds of business relationships that the organisation thrives on. The Onespacemedia team devised a sequence of visual information delivery mechanisms to give a natural flow to connected marketing concepts.



Icons and Illustrations

A bold, clear identity is at the core of an ambitious business transformation, and we worked to identify an identity that clearly positioned the organisation as an established, first-class technical services provider, staffed by information systems heavyweights. These illustrations were fed across a series of mixed-media collateral including the website, corporate presentations and data sheets.

“Onespacemedia took our requirements and transformed our web presence with the clean design we were after. The team were a delight to work with and never quibbled about changes we felt were needed as the build progressed.”

Andy Humphries, Chief Technical Officer, PhixFlow Ltd

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