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Introducing the new simple, low-cost way to send money overseas

From the ground up

Innovative fintech start-up Money Mover approached Onespacemedia at the end of 2013 to help them develop their brand, communications strategy, marketing website and the core product - a web application that allows businesses and professionals to convert currency and transfer it around the world without paying exorbitant bank fees.

After launching the company's marketing presence (check out the case study) earlier in 2014 we are thrilled to announce that the Money Mover web application is out of beta. Read on to see how we designed and developed an elegant, responsive web application that is enabling customers to move millions of pounds around the world.

The friendly face of finance

Traditionally, banking and financial applications deliver a bland, soulless customer experience. When we designed the Money Mover application we set out to build personality into the heart of the interface. To reflect the company ethos to provide a great customer experience we developed two fictional characters who appear in various parts of the application and marketing website. Based on our research into Money Mover's users, the characters provide a friendly face and help to humanise the experience.

Activity & notification feed

The activity and notification feed is at the heart of the application and allows users to browse through every action they have taken in the application. As well as providing a great visual experience, this core feature is especially useful for businesses who have multiple users and need access to a audit trail.

API integration

The Money Mover application is tightly coupled with its payment services providers and banking counterparties through its developer API. We’ve designed the application to make it easy to interface with a range of next generation financial services which provide all of the technology and infrastructure required to perform the high volumes of currency transactions required by Money Mover customers.

User interface toolkit

To future proof and speed up our application design and development processes we designed a user interface toolkit specific to the Money Mover application. The UI toolkit provides developers with every UI element that they might need to rapidly build out new application features.

An elegant, intuitive financial application

The Money Mover application delivers an unparalleled customer experience through beautiful user experience design, intuitive functional flows and helpful features including inline help and guidance. The finished product raises the bar for cloud-based financial applications and is helping Money Mover to rapidly scale up and bring low-cost, hassle-free international payments to the masses.

"It didn't take the Onespacemedia team long to grasp the brief and lead us through the creative and technical design processes. In a short period of time they had put together some original and dynamic ideas for our brand and web application, which they have executed efficiently and professionally. We are thrilled with the results. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them as our business develops."

Hamish Anderson, CEO, Money Mover

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