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The easy way to send secure international payments

Money Mover is an exciting financial technology start-up created to provide consumers with a new, secure and low cost way for individuals and businesses to make international payments. Money Mover approached Onespacemedia to create its brand, marketing site and consumer web application. Empowered with a fresh, modern and authoritative visual presence and an elegant and intuitive web application Money Mover is delivering a great service and significant cost savings to its customers. We look forward to watching Money Mover grow as a major player in the lucrative fintech market.

Building the brand

We chose a corporate sans-serif typeface for the logo and used the symmetry of the words to stack them on top of each other. This design decision alone significantly differentiates Money Mover from its competitors. The logo is completed by an infinite loop symbol that conveys the flow of money around the world. It also represents the number '8' which conveys luck, wealth and prosperity in Chinese and other Asian cultures.

As well as designing the logo the Onespacemedia team created brand guidelines and conceptual visuals including advertising, merchandising and stationery that Money Mover can use to direct the look and feel of their marketing materials as their operations expand.

A website of distinction

The Money Mover website is consumer focussed brochureware site designed to encourage users to sign up for the Money Mover web application. The site delivers screenshots and information about the company and its service in a modern and engaging format. As well as being fully responsive to optimise the user experience on any type of device we created subtle animations and interactive effects that draw the user towards important content. With our state-of-the-art CMS Money Mover staff are empowered with all of the digital tools they need to manage their website content. 

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"It didn't take the Onespacemedia team long to grasp the brief and lead us through the creative and technical design processes. In a short period of time they had put together some original and dynamic ideas for our brand and web application, which they have executed efficiently and professionally. We are thrilled with the results. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them as our business develops."

Hamish Anderson, CEO, Money Mover

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