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Cutting edge web technology for Nerve

Showcasing the world's most innovative disruptive technologies, Nerve is a pioneering three-day event that offers an unprecedented array of cutting-edge, world-class keynote speakers. With a lineup consisting of some of the world’s most well established innovators, entrepreneurs and technologists, the congress explores world changing ideas and future technology trends. Nerve had the challenge to delivering a highly innovative site in an extremely short period of time. With the aim of combining speaker profiles, the event’s programme, ticket sales, as well as social sharing and partner information, our final deliverable was designed, built and delivered within a challenging time frame.

Branding the event

As well as serving as a digital promotional platform, the site is also connected to EventBrite. EventBrite is a comprehensive event and ticket sales platform, that deals with online payments and ticket inventory elegantly and effectively. This empowered Nerve representatives to manage their ticket sales without the complexity and cost of a full e-commerce platform.

Comprehensive speaker profiles

With a roster of more than 50 thought-leaders, it was crucial to be able to outwardly demonstrate their individual history and expertise - as well as show the roster as whole. We then drove this set of profiles using our flexible, Django based CMS - putting the site’s management in the hands of Nerve.

Social nerve

In order to aggregate all of Nerve’s social activity, we built a smart social aggregator that pulls in news, Twitter, Instagram and video feeds. The user can then filter the feed by type - providing an easy, elegant way to display Nerve’s rich network of activity.

Responsive development

It's no secret that the online community are accessing the Internet with a wider array of digital devices than ever before. In order to deliver a robust, high quality experience across all platforms, our websites are built to respond to the devices they're being viewed on - and the Nerve site responds fully to its client device by detecting the device, and scaling and rearranging elements within the browser.

Themed Iconography

To support the Nerve design, we built a set of themed iconography to bolster the site's identity. The bespoke set of icons give the site a unique look and feel - putting space between them and their industry associates.

"The work and dedication of Onespacemedia has been superb. We are delighted to have a website which reflects the cutting-edge nature of disruptive technology; it was delivered to a very high standard and in a very short timescale."

Tony Quested, CEO, Business Weekly