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Brand and digital work to promote an industrial-strength programming language

The University of Cambridge's world-renowned Computer Laboratory commissioned Onespacemedia to work on a range of creative and technical deliverables to promote the industrial strength programming language OCaml. As well as creating a new brand for the language our team also built two websites, one for a forthcoming book and the second for the language itself.

Github powered brand development

In a depature from our normal brand development process we were asked to consult the Ocaml community in the creation of the new OCaml logo. Considering we needed to work with a tech-oriented community we chose Github the collaborative platform. After a lively and engaging process the final version of the OCaml logo was born.

Real World OCaml

In parallel to the brand development and website project we were also tasked with writing a collaborative commenting application for a forthcoming book Real World OCaml (published by O'Reilly). The authors wanted to consult existing OCaml users to ensure that the text of the book was accurate and helpful. We built a web application with Github authentication that allowed authorised users to comment, see other comments and make suggestions on any part of the text.

OCaml website

The OCaml responsive website formed the final project deliverable and provides the OCaml community with a range of resources. These resources include the latest builds, code examples, documentation and many other resources that help OCaml practitioners to learn and collaborate. We designed and coded the website templates which were then hosted on Github by the client.

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