Rethinking the management of our personal data


Rethinking the management of our personal data

The HAT concept

The Hub-of-All-Things project is an innovative re-imagination of our existing relationship with our personal data. Run and managed by a team of established academics led by WMG at the University of Warwick, the HAT project is set to overhaul the existing data-ownership paradigm by empowering users with full control of all of the data captured about their public and personal lives. Following that, a proprietary software system will collate, query and return a rich and varied dataset in a meaningful way - putting consumers in the driving seat with regards to how their data is used and manipulated.

The effect of returning this power to consumers is far-reaching. Giving consumers full control grants them commercial power over the interests that they already interact with frequently. The concept is part of the Internet of Things movement - using established Internet protocols to enable very granular interaction with Internet-enabled hardware devices, and provide metrics and reportage on trends in our behaviours, consumption, health and lifestyle (through usable, front-end web systems).

Idea generation & scope definition

In partnership with the HAT leadership team, Onespacemedia helped to scope the wider HAT vision into a streamlined proof-of-concept web application - designed to capture the project’s core concepts and clearly communicate them to a number of audiences. Working with academic and research stakeholders across the UK, the two teams designed the mechanics of the system and its user experience, based on the foundations set by the HAT research team.

UX design

In collaboration with HAT project leads, our designers worked to design an intuitive way to view and manage the rich collection of data being posted to the system. Onespacemedia designers worked to design a system to display locations, devices, people and the data that tie all of those elements together - using the latest in web design trends to deliver a sophisticated system in a simple way.

Hardware interaction & IoT

Working with a cross-disciplinary hardware and software development team, the Onespacemedia development team constructed a system designed to interact with a number of proprietary hardware devices placed in the home of a research participant. Providing a number of custom API-endpoints, the HAT proof-of-concept receives and processes scheduled POST data from a number of whitelisted, real-world hardware devices - helping to illustrate a real-world picture of the data that surrounds everyday activities - and the consequences of putting the consumer in control of the metadata of their own lives.

“Working with the HAT team to understand the ambitions of an initiative designed to change the nature of data ownership was a unique and enthralling opportunity. Scoping such far-reaching goals to a point where we could clearly communicate the practicalities of HAT as a consumer product was interesting and challenging work. Developing a system that interacts directly with an active hardware layer was a departure from our typical work at Onespacemedia - and goes some way to showcasing our team’s varied skill."

Thomas Rumbold, Head of Product, Onespacemedia


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