The evolution of a national water suppliers web presence

A nationwide provider to a roster of household names

Anglian Water Business (Scotland) are a national water provision company dedicated to the needs of some of the UK's most significant commercial entities. Anglian Water Business work across all industries to understand how their clients use water - and offer expert technical help, engineering solutions, excellent customer service and round-the-clock support.

Design and front end only

At Onespacemedia, we can work in a number of different ways. AWB's specific requirement for this project was for a visual redesign and front-end build that they could bring in-house, for their in-house development team to connect to their back-end systems. We provided fully responsive HTML, CSS and JavaScript aligned with a series of Photoshop comps that represented the site's wider design.

UI kit design for a streamlined process

Turning around high-quality design work to challenging deadlines requires clear communication and efficiency in both our design and development departments. The Onespacemedia design department provide their design work in UI (User Interface) kits for our development team - a set of inter-related site components designed to facilitate rapid web development.  Developers can build out components seperately once, before then constructing all of the site's major templates - resulting in swift delivery times and accurate deliverables.


Bespoke iconography

Simplicity was important to Anglian Water Business - they're in a competitive utilities space, that provides a large amount of public information. We created a bespoke iconography set designed to provide an intuitive, market-appropriate experience for the user.

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Mywater portal: Online consumer applications

As part of Anglian Water Business's digital offering, Mywater is designed to allow commercial clients to view and manage their bills through a dedicated online portal. We developed a series of design work, consistent with the sales website, designed to put simplicity and efficiency at the heart of the customer journey.

Optimal user experience across a wide range of devices

A national utility organisation invariable has a broad user audience, accessing their digital presence from a variety of different devices. We designed a fully-responsive solution, created to deliver a consistent, clear and highly-usable experience regardless of the device being used to access the site.

"Anglian Water Business approached Onespacemedia to help deliver a visual identity that helped set their organisation apart in a competitive national marketplace. It was a pleasure to work with their ambitious team and we're thrilled to have been able to help the company evolve their digital brand in a considered and modern way."

Thomas Rumbold, Head of Operations, Onespacemedia

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