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Reinventing the diagram

CRFS is a leading RF technology company providing robust, cost-effective systems for continuous remote spectrum monitoring and surveillance, based on its breakthrough RFeye technology. Onespacemedia has worked with CRFS since 2010 on a range of initiatives including software development, print collateral, stand design and digital projects.

Detect. Analyse. Geolocate.
Bringing a diagram to life

Technical story-telling

In our latest project for CRFS, we were tasked with a way to communicate RFeye technology use cases in an exciting and visually compelling way. Starting with a set of powerpoint diagrams provided by the client the Onespacemedia team started to imagine how we could communicate technical concepts in a way that would deliver excitement to business decision makers and provide enough technical information to satisfy those more interested in the technical aspects of RFeye.

Powerpoint evolved

After modelling various options we quickly realised that, without a film crew, animation was the only way forward. Our design team produced some conceptual stills and worked with CRFS to define various steps that needed to be conveyed in the first animation. From this we built a storyboard and wrote descriptive copy to deliver more information at each stage. After the animations were completed we designed a simple, responsive interface to frame the experience.

RFeye Detect animation

The RFeye detect animation takes place at a military training base in the desert. The scene shows how the technology can be deployed across a wide area to create a secure network in which rogue transmissions can be detected and located quickly and efficiently. In this example a hypothetical enemy combatant is using a radio device that is quickly identified and located.

Intricate planning

We went through an intricate storyboarding round which provided us with a cost-effective way of agreeing content and steps.

Animated storyboards

Storyboards were converted into animatics to illustrate position, terrain, objects and how the camera would move.

Themed iconography

To support the design of the interface, we built a set of stylised icons to provide simple controls for the user. The icons also act as navigation labels that are used to orientate the user in the animation.

RFeye Secure animation

RFeye Secure is an integrated solution for securing sensitive facilities against bugging devices and unauthorized transmitters. In the following example RFeye Secure detects and locates an unknown transmitter inside a building, while differentiating from a safe signal identified externally.

Raising the roof

This animation, with two points of focus and the splitting of a building, required an extensive storyboarding round to get right.

Animated building blocks

The animatic for this scene shows the final camera sweep and basic building blocks of the scene.

"Onespacemedia have taken a set of complex, technical processes and reimagined them as a highly immersive and cinematic user experience. This engaging microsite provides us with a compelling sales proposition that we can use across various scenarios including the CRFS website, in presentations and at trade shows.”

Nick Balon, General Manager, CRFS

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