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Responsive website redesign for small cell microwave backhaul specialists

The mobile data capacity challenge

Global mobile data usage is expanding exponentially. Traditional phone networks are creaking under the pressure, especially in city centres, concerts, sports grounds and areas with high data traffic. To solve this problem CCS has developed the world’s first self-organising small cell microwave backhaul system. Having worked with the company since its foundation, Onespacemedia was commissioned to reimagine the award-winning company’s web presence. With a clean, vibrant visual redesign and new technology under the hood the resulting website positions CCS as the leading player in the backhaul sector.

Using the moving image to create visual interest

Onespacemedia’s website design and development team utilised YouTube’s API to create panels that utilise background video to draw attention to key product messaging. This technique adds visual interest to the design, add context and engages site visitors.

Secure customer portal

CCS needed to provide their growing customer base with a central location from which they could access support and download critical files such as firmware updates and product documentation. We built a secure customer support portal that allows CCS to set up customer accounts, upload and provide access to files and other features. CCS is benefiting from significant cost and time savings thanks to the new, streamlined system to manage customer queries and file downloads.




Animated product assets

Attention to detail combined with great design can elevate a standard website far beyond the standard of its contemporaries. Onespacemedia’s design team crafted a series of beautiful product animations to highlight key features of CCS’s innovative technology. As well as building visual engagement the animations help to illustrate technical features without the site visitor having to read long passages of explanatory copy.

Responsive design

With more and more people accessing web content on mobile phones and tablet devices it is essential for modern websites to provide an optimised experience no matter the device used to view it. The new CCS website responds to different screen sizes elegantly and ensures that visitors enjoy the browsing experience and can find information quickly and efficiently.


“As CCS progresses in its company development, we needed to take our brand and web presence to the next level. Onespacemedia delivered a clean, contemporary and functional design that reinforces our innovative product positioning.”

Steve Greaves, CEO, CCS

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