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Thinking inside the box

Argon Design is a technology and product development company specialising in developing technologies for clients ranging from SMEs up to Fortune500 and FTSE100 companies. Argon Design's talented team focus on solving highly complex problems across many disciplines including embedded and portable products, multimedia, Semiconductor IP, network intelligence and image processing.


Onespacemedia was appointed to relaunch Argon Design's digital presence to present a more accurate image of the company, boost online visibility and provide Argon with a powerful range of marketing tools to promote the company's track record and range of services.

Single organising principle

In order to build consistency across Argon Design's marketing activities we needed to devise a company tag line that would both explain what the company did and set down a tone of voice that we could carry across all communications. Considering that most of Argon's engineering expertise is in electronics and software most of the work they do is unseen by the consumer. For example, have you ever considered the onboard software in a chip in a smartphone? We devised the tagline, 'Thinking inside the box', as a playful slogan that succinctly delivers the company's mission in just four short words.

Corporate video

Nothing sells a company like a professionally produced video. We worked with Argon to plan, shoot and produce a short five minute film that introduces the company, its key people as well as its style and culture. The film takes centre stage on the website home page and is used by Argon Design in presentations as a rapid and engaging way to deliver company information.

Highlighting staff calibre

Argon Design is built on the quality of its staff. Many of the engineers and senior management team members have been responsible for many innovation products throughout their professional careers. They have also excelled in their academic endeavours and in many international technology challenges. We wanted to highlight these achievements on the website and devised a way to present these achievement in a visual and engaging way.

Communicating on multiple fronts

This was Argon Design's first significant step into digital marketing so we had to ensure that our proposed range of solutions would be manageable by the company after we had completed our work on the project. Our package of solutions included a CMS-powered website, a corporate video, training for and presence on various social networks and advertising and design assets that could be used for more traditional marketing routes.

“Working with Onespacemedia was a pleasure from start to finish. They immediately understood our needs, responded quickly and led the creative cycle brilliantly. The new website structure has been well thought out and is engaging. We are convinced that our new website will be effective in winning new business and fits perfectly into the company strategy."

Matthew Bailey, VP Marketing and Business Development, Argon Design

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