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Ultra-fast computational fluid dynamics

Turbostream is the fastest software in the world for simulating the flow of fluid and gasses through turbo machines. Spun out of The University of Cambridge's Whittle Laboratory the company boasts a client roster that includes Rolls Royce, Mitsubishi and Siemens.

Onespacemedia was appointed by Turbostream to create a brand and CMS-powered website to deliver a more professional image and better define the company's offering to potential clients.


Technical brand development

The idea for the Turbostream logo marque was inspired by two core elements - simulation images output by its software and the concept of digitisation of analogue data. The impression of movement is created by the typography moving through a cloud of digital particles. The result is a vibrant, tech-inspired marque.




Case studies for scientists

In the project's research and discovery phase we uncovered detailed information about the different audiences that would visit the Turbostream website. Key to the site's success was the ability for Turbostream staff to be able to create case studies that showed graphical output and technical information such as how long a simulation took, or how many GPUs and nodes were used. We developed a CMS case study module that give Turbostream staff a simple toolkit to publish compelling usage examples of the software on the website.

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"The Onespacemedia team responded well to a extremely technical brief. With the resulting brand and CMS-powered website, Turbostream have massively boosted their professional credibility and ability to attract customers."

James Cotton, Founder, Onespacemedia

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