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When you educate a girl, everything changes


When you educate a girl, everything changes

Immersive storytelling 

Inspirational girls' education and women's empowerment charity, Camfed turned to Onespacemedia to design and deliver its 2014 seasonal appeal. Focusing on individual stories of girls and young women who are supported by Camfed, the campaign combines traditional storytelling with state-of-the-art web design and technology to create an evocative and highly-immersive experience that motivates visitors to donate. 

Interactivity. Engagement. Action

Advances in modern browser technology are lifting the creative restrictions for website designers. By combining video, animation and sound design with techniques including parallax images and scroll-jacking, Onespacemedia's designers and developers have delivered a story-telling masterclass that focusses attention on the individual and drives user action.

Evocative sound design

Atmospheric music and background audio adds another dimension to the experience - building context and emotional engagement.


Critical systems integration

The seasonal appeal microsite is tightly coupled with Camfed's existing web infrastructure. Donation and sign-up functionality is delivered on through a customised version of the existing donation platform that is visually consistent with the styling of the microsite. This re-use of existing technology keeps development costs down without sacrificing user experience.

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It’s all in the detail

The microsite is packed with subtle micro-interactions that combine to make for a more memorable user experience. Roll-over states, transitions, animations and even this snazzy page loader make for a website experience that is full of pleasant surprises.

Cutting-edge web technologies

Onespacemedia websites push the creative and technical boundaries of what is achievable in the browser. This project is no different - our development team built the site using the Django REST Framework to serve page content and AngularJS is being used to create a fluid and seamless application. The website comes complete with page transitions and multi-step animations - all without a single page refresh.

Multi-channel campaign design

It's not all digital. Traditional direct mail campaigns still play an important part in any fundraising appeal. The 2014 Camfed seasonal appeal direct mailer includes evocative imagery and highlights two compelling stories from the website. 


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"We love each and every website produced at Onespacemedia but it is a special privilege to work on a project like the Camfed seasonal appeal. With such beautiful, thought-provoking stories and images, the Onespacemedia team pushed the creative and technical boundaries to bring these stories to life and incentivise visitors to give the gift of education."

James Cotton, Founder and MD, Onespacemedia

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