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Where nanoscience comes to life

Using patented technology originally developed by scientists from Imperial College London and The University of Cambridge, Ionscope manufactures a range of scanning ion conductance microscopes. Providing extremely high resolution imagery without making contact with the sample the technology is particularly important when scanning soft and living samples.

Onespacemedia was appointed to transform Ionscope's digital marketing to boost visibility and increase engagement amongst the scientific community. As well as creating a new CMS-powered website to promote Ionscope's technology we built a community platform for Ionscope users around the world to collaborate, share tips and show off their work.

Scientists are human too

There is a delicate balance between delivering information that has enough detail to satisfy scientific curiosity, and delivering information in a compelling format that compels website visitors to delve deeper into a site. The Ionscope site addresses this issue by using incredible nanoscopic images to show off what the products can do as well providing multiple layers of technical information.

Jaw-dropping nanoscopic imagery

The imagery that Ionscope products can capture is truly remarkable so it was only natural that our design team chose to lead with it on the website home page. We created an animated carousel that allows visitors to switch between nanoscopic video examples captured by the microscope.


A global community of Ionscope users

To build engagement and collaboration between Ionscope customers we built Ionscope Live, a community portal that allows and encourages users to share the visual results of their work, and technical tips and tricks. As well providing users with access to a global network of Ionscope users, Ionscope Live also provides the company with case studies, imagery and other information that they can use in their marketing activities.

Smart, inspiring design

At Onespacemedia we have a saying, "Don't design a client out of their marketplace," which encourages us all to make sure that our design work is original and innovative but sits well within an established sector. The scientific sector is notorious for bland, uninspiring websites and with Ionscope we set out to do something different. Whilst the colour palette and typography is reflective of the science sector, the open-spaced grid and big, bold visual assets deliver a fresh approach.

"Winning the Ionscope commission allowed us to try our craft in a new sector. After seeing the visuals that the Ionscope technology could capture, a creative meeting threw up the phrase, 'Bringing nano science to life'. As well as ending up being adopted by the company as their tagline, the phrase also became the creative theme for the whole project. Featuring bold image assets, vibrant colours, video carousels and a modern, grid-based design, the Ionscope site is a shining example that demonstrates that science can look great too."

James Dellar, Creative Director, Onespacemedia

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