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A world class educational institution


A world class educational institution

Churchill College, part of the University of Cambridge and a leading educational institution, appointed Onespacemedia to reimagine its web presence. In a highly inclusive process that involved a wide range of stakeholders we reinvented the way that the college presents itself and provided a range of tools that would both help them to manage the institution’s activities and allow them to communicate with their audiences more effectively.

Collaborative requirement scoping

As a modern educational institution Churchill College delivers a range of services and facilities across both academic and business audiences. Critical to the success of the project was an inclusive information gathering phase where we interviewed stakeholders from across the various areas of the institution. Check out some of the numbers behind the process.

0 Number of interviews
0 Pages of interview transcripts
0 Audiences profiled
0 Documents researched

Brand positioning

Churchill College is a modern, community-focussed institution with arguably the best facilities in Cambridge. The college’s previous marketing materials had struggled to present this message clearly so one of our first tasks was to evolve how the college described itself. After careful research we created a brand positioning concept and supporting documents that would serve as the foundation for the visual and editorial style of the new website.

Information architecture

The task of organising and categorising hundreds of webpages across various micro-sites was a complicated undertaking. We worked with the college to redefine an information architecture that was based on the various website audiences. Based on analytics data we threw out redundant content, reorganised the hierarchy and absorbed microsites into one single website.

The scale of the technical task

The Churchill College website provides critical business functions and interfaces with a range of technical platforms and services. As well as providing information to the website audience it also provides a series of tools to assist with the running of the college such as a flexible batch invoicing and payments module. The technical task to build the website and associated systems was a huge undertaking. Take a look at the number of lines of code produced:

0 Python
0 Javascript

Creating emotional engagement

A key element of the new website’s success is the quality of the visual imagery. After writing a creative brief and outlining requirements we worked with a range of photographers over several shoots to build a collection of vibrant, high-quality imagery that is used across the website to showcase the unique qualities of the institution.



Event management evolved

We created a web-based management system that provides Churchill staff with a powerful set of tools to promote and manage event information. As well as connecting to payment and other business critical systems, the events module includes a flexible form generator that allows staff to specify the information they want to capture from event attendees. 

Interactive mapping system

Considering Churchill’s campus is spread across 42 acres and comprises scores of buildings and hundreds of rooms we wanted to create an interactive system that would help visitors, staff and students to find their way around the campus more easily. We built an interactive mapping system that allows Churchill staff to add important internal locations such as facilities and sports pitches. We extended the system to allow the addition of external locations to show the college’s proximity to key local landmarks and facilities. Staff can create custom maps from a list of locations and embed them on any webpage.

"Onespacemedia took the time to understand the culture and values of the College, consulting with all of the key stakeholders to ensure the design, content and functionality of the website reflected the needs of these diverse audience groups. Onespacemedia has provided us with a modern and visually exciting new website that successfully integrates with our existing complex internal business systems and provides new functionalities that will streamline many of our commercial and internal processes."

Jennifer Brook, Bursar, Churchill College

Connecting a global community

The website also provides a range of useful tools for registered Churchill alumni. As well as maintaining a biographical profile and setting privacy controls, alumni can also use the system to reconnect with old friends. Interactive maps show the locations of alumni around the world and provide links to social networks and other information.

Tailored news aggregation

Churchill maintains a range of news channels and associated social media accounts. We created a news content creation and aggregation module that allows staff to create audience-specific news feeds that combine website content and social media content. These aggregated feeds can be embedded in any part of the website.

Responsive website design

Providing an intuitive website experience no matter the device or screen size is critical to the usability of modern websites. As you can see from the graphics below the Churchill College website works seamlessly in mobile, tablet and desktop environments.

A happy community

The outcomes of large website projects always divide opinion, especially when a website needs to serve a wide range of audiences and stakeholders. We're pleased to see that the feedback for Churchill College's website has been hugely positive.

"This was a large and complex brief, covering a wide range of audience and stakeholder needs along with challenging technical specifications. Onespacemedia were able to provide the diverse technical and creative expertise required and were quick to respond as the project evolved and expanded. We are very excited with the work Onespacemedia have delivered, which has given us a beautifully designed and built website that reflects the values and personality of the College, along with a valuable branding and positioning framework. It was a pleasure to work with Onespacemedia, whose collaborative and transparent approach enabled me to communicate openly with them at all times and gave me complete confidence in the team throughout the project."

Naomi Morris, Web Editor, Churchill College

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