Adapting to the changing face of business post-pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it a shift in consumer behaviour towards online channels, and businesses are, more than ever, harnessing the power of digital. According to Kate Smaje at McKinsey and Company, consumers are three times likelier now than before the crisis to say that at least 80% of their customer interactions are digital in nature.

As a leading digital agency, we have supported many clients through this shift to maximise the impact of their websites and applications and provide state-of-the-art platforms to respond to the evolving commercial landscape. Here are a few examples of recent projects.

VandaTrack: Complex web application to empower customers

Global investment analysis company, Vanda, partnered with Onespacemedia on a third digital project to build and design a customisable web application - VandaTrack - that provides daily data on the stock market. 

The app offers existing clients enhanced investment analysis, housing thousands of investment data points through a single portal, enabling users to track and monitor the trading rates of specific companies and help guide their financial decisions.  

VandaTrack enables users to access and query a variety of datasets in the US stock market with just a few lines of code. We created a secure API to allow users to access aggregate flow data and dissect it to suit their financial requirements. 



Versed Ai: Amplifying a brand with a powerful website

Technology startup Versed AI needed a new, modern website and a strong brand identity to help to cement the company’s position as a world leader in the artificial intelligence space.  

The Cambridge University spin-out is working to create the world's best knowledge graph of supply chain relationships and business intelligence - which gives companies deep insight to help monitor, manage and mitigate potential business risks. 

The design team worked closely together with Versed AI through a series of creative workshops to design a vibrant and sophisticated brand identity that helps amplify the company’s status as a global expert. The creative treatment of steps references development and progression, while the maze conveys the ability to investigate and navigate complexity within supply chains.



Alpima: Lead generating website supporting business evolution

Alpima is a financial advisory company striving to deliver cutting-edge investment tools and strategies through an intuitive web platform. The organisation was looking to refresh its digital presence to better reflect its business and help drive qualified leads. 

Onespacemedia was reappointed by the multinational fin-tech organisation to evolve its existing site to support the launch of Alpima’s new range of innovative financial solutions. We created engaging product identities that presented the solutions in line with the existing Alpima brand to appeal to a wide range of diverse audiences - rather than the previous one solution to fit all,  to help generate client leads and present Alpima as a more approachable company. 



Onespacemedia’s founder and MD James Cotton commented ‘’The COVID crisis has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies by several years. We have seen a sharp increase in companies elevating the importance of their digital presence and recognising the need to constantly invest in it.

“As a strategic partner it’s our job to respond to evolving priorities for our clients and maximise the potential of the platforms we create for them. It’s a pleasure to have worked with such progressive companies to help push their businesses to the next level.”

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