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The benefits of digital marketing

We demystify digital marketing and explain how it can benefit businesses.

Things used to be so simple. Marketing meant buying some ads in the local or national press, maybe a couple of billboards and, if you were really fancy, some TV time. Not any more.

Now it's all about organic visibility and display advertising and acronyms like CTR, CPC and PAF (only one of those was made up, unless you're familiar with internet slang). It's enough to make you yearn for the days of Don Draper and his shady, coterie of sexist alcoholics. But actually, getting up to speed on the modern digital media world is well worth it. And with a little bit of research you could soon be lecturing on the differences between canonical tagging and keyword cannibalisation. 

So let's take a look at just some of the benefits of digital marketing. 

Lower cost

You've probably had a few SEO “specialists” promising you the moon and delivering nothing but sand and a lot of dodgy links from weird sites selling what can be very loosely called “medicine”. Well it doesn't have to be like that. The cost of a good digital media campaign shouldn't cost you an arm or a leg, or even a toe or a fingernail for that matter. In actual fact done correctly it can be much cheaper than going down the traditional print media route, particularly if you begin to rank quite highly in search engine results.

Greater exposure

It might not be relevant for every single brand. If your catchment area is Swindon there's no point targeting customers in Ohio but if you want a global reach the Internet is the place to get it. Imagine the cost of trying to buy traditional ad space around the world. You'd have to deal with different markets, currencies, languages, prices, demographics, cultures and agencies. And that's before we start looking at the differences in advertising laws in each region. Or you could put a video up on YouTube and with a small amount of spend get it seen by the right people. That might be slightly oversimplifying things but not by much.  And, if you've already invested in a successful digital marketing strategy and rank pretty well in Google as it is, you could forgo the video completely and simply rely on organic (completely free) traffic from search engine results. 

Greater engagement

Having a variety of different ways for your audience to interact with your brand is super but what if you're not exactly popular on social media? That's where an excellent digital marketing strategy comes in. Finding the right message for the right channel, while still managing to maintain the right brand tone of voice is a simple (OK, it's not always that simple) and effective way of ensuring you up those user engagements and shouldn't cost you an extortionate amount of money. 

Clear return on investment

Billboards are great, or at least they are a great way of getting your message across to the people who are near the billboard and have the ability to look up. But how to you measure exactly how many people have seen your ad? And how many people went on to engage with your brand as a result? And how many of them went on to buy something? It's generally pretty hard to say. But what if you could track exactly how many people saw your ad and the exact number of people who engaged with your business as a result? As well as knowing what that engagement was and at what stage in the buying process did they get to? Well, it turns out that's all possible, as long as you're not tied to billboards, which as well as being uncomfortable isn't always the most data-rich approach to take.

Targeted campaigns

Not to keep having a go at billboards but you can only get so specific with your audience targeting when you go down this route, the same goes for a TV ad. But when it comes to digital marketing you can get as specific as you want. Would you like to target, for example, women, in their 20s, in Brixton who really, really like Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion? Well pick the right social platform and you can do just that. With social listening tools you can also find out exactly what people are talking about and tailor your content to fit.

Real-time analysis

The Don Draper approach had its benefits but real-time results weren't part of it. With digital marketing you get results straight away (well almost). You can analyse traffic increases, clicks, impressions, conversions and a whole lot more with the sweep of a mouse.

More brand visibility

This is what you want, isn't it? It's why you're here, you want to get your big shiny logo in the front of people's big shiny (and not so shiny) heads. Well this is exactly what an effective digital marketing strategy should do. Work with the right people, with the right track record and the right understanding of your business and your market and you should see your social following grow, your brand engagements increase and your organic rankings improve. 

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