Onespacemedia joins Guardian masterclass: Telling your business story in a new market

Onespacemedia MD James Cotton is set to take part in The Guardian’s upcoming live small business masterclass - one of a small number of experts on-hand to provide advice on brand and digital strategy.

The Q&A, entitled ‘Brand building in a new market’ is focused on the challenges and opportunities businesses face when building a brand within a new market - and will be driven by a diverse panel of experts from a series of entrepreneurial backgrounds.

James Cotton said: “Building a successful brand requires a lot of moving parts - and it’s really important, particularly for small businesses with limited resource, that they understand their marketplace and its opportunities and challenges.

“We’ve got a lot of experience in branding at Onespacemedia and our considered, calculated approach plays a large part in the success of any of our digital brand strategies. Spending time and money wisely means that guesswork can’t be a part of the process.

“I’m really looking forward to being part of the The Guardian’s masterclass series. The quality of The Guardian’s output and their interaction with national and local business means that their reach is huge - and I’m looking forward to being part of some interesting discussion."

The Q&A will take place here between 12 and 1pm on Wednesday, April 29th.

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