Internship programme boosted by arrival of Chiara Mensa

We are thrilled to welcome the latest intern to join Onespacemedia, Italian architecture design graduate, Chiara Mensa. Chiara joins us for three months having relocated from Italy after achieving a Master of Architecture degree from La Sapienza, University of Rome.

Chiara’s background spawned her love for the creative process and for the past year she has been working as a freelance designer to develop her skills and push her career forward.

“Since graduating my fascination with the communicative power of design has strengthened through freelance work and a keen interest for web” said Chiara. “I could not think of anywhere better than Onespacemedia to develop my skills – their creative output is outstanding and I look forward to being part of the friendly and talented cross-disciplinary team. It is wonderful to be given the opportunity to be part of such an innovative agency!”

Chiara is a habitual doodler and on a constant quest for creative inspiration. Outside of work she loves the outdoors, going to the movies and reading Scandinavian crime novels.

Founder of Onespacemedia, James Cotton said, “It’s tough to get accepted onto the Onespacemedia Internship programme. Candidates have to show us something original, something unique, something that makes us sit up and pay attention. I first met Chiara at a Behance portfolio review night last year and the first thing I noticed was her energy and passion for creativity.

"These qualities, coupled with a great portfolio and lots of transferrable skills from seven years in architecture, make Chiara the perfect candidate for our internship programme. I look forward to working with her and watching her grow as part of the Onespacemedia team.”

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