“The Internship”, s01e01

Hello everyone!

It’s Chiara here. You might have heard about me if you recently came across the news post the lovely Nicky Hughes has put together to officially introduce me as the latest recruit of Onespacemedia’s internship program.

In case you were “thirsty for more”, you’re in luck!

James Cotton and James Dellar (respectively Founder and Creative Director at Onespacemedia) came up with the idea of me producing a record of my internship experience in any creative format of my choice. You might hear me refer to it as “The Internship, s01e01" due to my renowned addiction to TV shows!

Monday: Hello everyone!

Great first day spent by meeting the whole cross-disciplinary team, participating to the “10am meeting” during which the goals for the current week are set, setting up accounts on different platforms used by the agency to manage projects and its own operational requirements, getting up to speed on the multiple projects OSM is currently handling and generally getting a taste of what it means to be part of a relaxed, fun, yet professional office environment.

Tuesday: Tell me more…

Time goes by so quickly when you’re doing something you’re passionate about — I’m finding this to be very true about my internship. On my second day I continued to read up on the projects I will be helping with, met the lovely Nicky (OSM's Communications Manager) and learnt about the agency’s strategies in handling its digital footprint, brainstormed on an illustration for an upcoming article and got the assignment to produce an original piece recording my experience as an intern.

Wednesday: Define hotspot. Link. Repeat.

Time to get my “hands dirty”- after shadowing one of the designers in the final stages of creating mockups in Ps of the web pages for one of the active projects, I got a chance to contribute to the workflow by linking them up using Marvel. As an intern you have to do your best to make the lives of everyone in the office a little bit easier, so they can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re taking care of the tasks given to you. Also found the time for a small photo shoot and a nice run!

Thursday: Let’s get Responsive!

There is no way around it -“responsive design” is the new kid on the block. My fourth day was spent reading up and researching responsive design strategies, as well as starting to get familiar with Adobe Edge Reflow, a new piece of software to create high-fidelity prototypes for responsive design. Also found the time to look into creative ways to complete my “intern log” assignment and browsed to keep up-to-date with the latest buzz in the design community.

Here you can find the html file of the mockup website I've created to test out Edge Reflow. Open it and resize your browser window to see how the page layout adjusts responsively!

Adobe Edge Reflow

Friday: Conference room & local pub.

Now that this first week is coming to a close I can say it — I was nervous about embarking into this quest for professional growth due to my unusual background and lack of agency experience. I shouldn’t have been! Fitting in has felt effortless, leaving me free to focus solely on learning and experiencing all that I can about the industry. The week ended on a high-note for the whole team after a very successful client meeting which prompted a celebratory trip to the local pub.

On a closing note...

Before I say goodbye, I would like to give you a quick overview of the latest additions to my Mac’s app folder which I got to play around with quite a bit in this first week, as well as some of the resources that I use to find inspiration or keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

tools and inspiration resources



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