New intern and work experience talent at Onespacemedia

Say hello to Rowan and Luke, the newest additions to the Onespacemedia team. Rowan is with us over the summer, developing his coding skills, and Luke joins us for two weeks on a work experience placement, with aspirations of building a career in the digital industries.

Key members of the Onespacemedia team, including senior designer George Hadfield, began their careers with us as interns, and we are great advocates of nurturing talent on the job, and believe that it’s one of the most effective ways of building in-house talent from the ground up. 

Hello, Rowan

"I am currently studying mathematics and computer science at the University of Bath. Having enjoyed solving problems from a young age, studying maths had always been a logical choice for me, and programming in general is also a very exciting way of applying these skills.

“Recently I was looking for a place to gain further work experience, and in turn something that will help me in choosing a future career path, and Onespacemedia was a fantastic opportunity for this. They produce work of very high quality, and being able to work on some of the content they produce, which gets seen by thousands of people every day, is a really exciting prospect. 

“Having worked here for just a few days so far, I can already say it is a really enjoyable environment to work in! I am delighted to be joining a team of very talented people, and look forward to contributing as much as I can, and learning a lot along the way.”

Welcome, Luke

“I have a real passion for technology and design, and combining the two. My dad has the whole Adobe Creative Suite, so I spend a lot of time in there experimenting, designing and building things when I’m not studying.

“Onespacemedia does all of the things that I love, and have been great for helping me to decide what I want to do next.”

Luke Cahalin is studying computer science at Sawston Village College.

Our commitment to encouraging young creatives — and experienced ones —  to challenge themselves, is a vital part of what makes Onespacemedia a leading agency. To find out more about interning with us, visit our careers page.

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