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New partnership with protein science revolutionary

Cambridge-based startup, Fluidic Analytics, has partnered with the Onespacemedia team to modernise its brand and create a new marketing website as the company enters a new phase of development.

Fluidic Analytics has created technology capable of measuring proteins quickly, accurately and cost-effectively for applications ranging from basic research to early disease detection and consumer care. The company aims to make protein analysis as commonplace as DNA analysis, and has recently raised £5.3 million in Series B funding to advance its laboratory research tools and to establish the company as the leading player in protein characterisation.

We are working with the Fluidic Analytics team to redesign its brand identity and website to boost scientific credibility, build consumer confidence and drive business objectives in the scientific and healthcare communities. The new platform will be a fully responsive and CMS-driven marketing site that can easily be extended in the future and managed in-house by non-technical staff.

George Hadfield, Producer at Onespacemedia, commented “It’s an honour to be associated with a company producing world-changing technology. We’re looking forward to amplifying their brand and creating a digital presence that represents their innovation and revolutionary vision to transform the understanding of how the biological world operates over generations."

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