Onespacemedia announces three new London clients

Hot on the heels of the opening of Onespacemedia's London office we’re thrilled to announce three new businesses that have joined the Onespacemedia web design and development roster.



ALPIMA is a London-based startup seeking to disrupt the investment space with a powerful investment web application designed to provide a simplified and highly personalised portfolio management experience.

The company is working hard to put financial literacy, transparency and empowerment at the centre of their brand and product interaction - marrying a world-class technology experience with deep financial expertise. ALPIMA’s mission is to demystify and open up an area of the financial system that can often be misrepresented as too complex to succeed in independently - and return the power of that information to high net worth individuals who are looking to secure their own financial futures.

Onespacemedia worked with the ALPIMA team to build a new, responsive marketing website and provide user experience consulting and user interface design for their innovative web application.

Founder and MD of Onespacemedia said, “Onespacemedia continues to cement its position as a key digital partner to innovative Fintech businesses. ALPIMA have created an incredible product that is set to revolutionise portfolio and investment management and we’re thrilled to be part of their journey."

Check out the new ALPIMA website.


CITYORBIT is a recently established Imperial College spin­out focusing on developing novel analytic solutions for urban property markets. The company’s mission is to transform the culture of the real estate industry ­by applying advanced analytics and the power of big data and open data on cities.

CITYORBIT's CTO and Founder, Alireza Zolfaghari outlined the company’s plans, “Our main mission is to simplify the burden of property search by making advanced analytics available for households and supporting them in their housing decisions. We believe Smart is Honest and we aim to transform the culture of the real estate industry by employing advanced analytics, the power of big data and open data on cities.”

Onespacemedia was appointed to create a compelling, engaging and professional website to showcase the company’s commercial activity and product portfolio. ­Due to launch in Autumn 2015 the CMS-powered website features a stunning, responsive design and a shows off some of the web’s most advanced front-end techniques.

Look out for the launch of CITYORBIT’s website in Autumn 2015.


Synthetic biology is an emerging discipline that is providing the tools to deliver greater speed, cost-effectiveness and predictability to the design of biological systems. An inter-disciplinary field, which blends biology, engineering and informatics to resolve many of the world’s most pressing health, environmental and economic problems.

SynbiCITE is a pioneering Innovation and Knowledge Centre (IKC) dedicated to promoting the adoption and use of synthetic biology by industry. SynbiCITE aims to make a significant economic, societal and environmental impact by promoting, expanding and improving the synthetic biology industry in the UK.

Syndicate appointed Onespacemedia to plan, design and build a multi-functional website from which to organise and deliver its various programmes and activities. The responsive website provides information, resources and the latest news and research on synthetic biology as well as a host of features designed to build and maintain a community of experts and partner organisations. The site is powered by a bespoke website management application that provides SynbiCITE staff with a powerful suite of tools and resources to manage the organisation’s online activities.

Syndicate’s new site is due to launch in September 2015.

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