Onespacemedia judges and presents ARU design award

Our creative director James Dellar presented the first annual Onespacemedia Raising Awareness Award, at Anglia Ruskin University’s ‘Electric Eye’ show last week.

The award is part of Onespacemedia’s ongoing commitment to supporting and nurturing the next generation of digital talent.

This year’s award went to Tania Khan, a graphic design student and author of Hope, an illustrated book aimed at highlighting the positive experiences of parents whose children have Down’s Syndrome. 

Tania’s son Qeis was born with Down’s Syndrome, which according to NHS figures, affects over 700 UK children every year. Down’s is characterised by learning difficulties, and a set of physical traits which can lead to social and professional discrimination. The book tackles some of the negative associations attached to Down’s Syndrome for both parents and children. 

Accepting the award, Tania Khan commented, “Receiving acknowledgement for Qeis’s story and my book is a great start. It means I’ve been able to use my skills as a designer, to highlight an issue that affects us all. 

"When my son was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, I was presented with leaflets and letters, warning me about his potentially perilous future. Fear and apprehension are natural when your child is born with an unexpected condition, but hope is essential. This book is intended to provide parents with an alternative, more positive perspective when their baby arrives. Take a seat, rest the book on your lap, and with some compassion and empathy, you will see the Hope it provides."

The Raising Awareness Award forms part of a wider Onespacemedia strategy including work experience and internship programmes that is designed to encourage and support young creatives and technologist to choose a career in the digital industries.

Commenting on the awards, James Dellar said, “It was an honour to be invited to judge such a diverse and interesting body of work. The standard of all entries was exceptionally high, but Tania’s book emerged as the front runner. The carefully produced book was recognised for the important contribution it will make to society’s understanding and perception of Down’s Syndrome.

“This award is about bringing together design, creativity, education and technology and I am delighted that Tania’s has been rewarded for her commitment to such an important and well produced piece of work.”

Nick Linsey, Faculty Employability Adviser at ARU said, “The Degree Show has been a fantastic celebration of our students’ work and we are all extremely proud of the quality and diversity of the work on show. It was great to see such a brilliant turnout from students, academics and employers alike. The Cambridge School of Art are very appreciative of the ongoing support and collaborative work it has with local employers, such as Onespacemedia, as we continue to bridge the gap between education and industry.”

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