Pioneering cognitive healthcare company partners with Onespacemedia

Onespacemedia has been appointed by research-based healthcare company Cognetivity to redesign its website and brand identity.

Founded by two entrepreneurs at Cambridge University, Cognetivity has developed a ground-breaking software-based test that is able to identify declining cognition before the onset of dementia and without the need for medical experts - enabling treatment to begin before cognitive decline has occurred.

Onespacemedia has been hired by Cognetivity to create a visual identity that will position the company as a leader in its sector as well as a fully responsive, CMS-driven marketing website that showcases its outstanding innovation. The new brand identity will be rolled out across the company’s marketing materials both in print and digitally.

Thomas Rumbold, Head of Operations at Onespacemedia, commented “It’s a pleasure to be working with the Cognetivity team - they’re an incredibly passionate team that are dedicated to completely overhauling the way that dementia is treated across the world. Their technology speaks for itself and we’re really looking forward to helping them get the best out of digital to amplify their message."


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