Smarter working: Onespacemedia features in Guardian’s Small Business Showcase

The Guardian's Small Business Showcase is a platform for businesses to showcase their strengths by demonstrating their approach to various issues, for the benefit of the wider business community.

In a recent feature on Onespacemedia we talk about workflow - a subject which will resonate with companies that have a production element to their business. 

When Onespacemedia was first formed managing workflow was relatively straightforward. There were two full-time staff and with only a handful of projects initially everyone (all two of us) was in the loop and processes were simple.

In the last six months the company has undergone a period of significant expansion; with seven full-time staff managing multiple projects at any one time it is essential that the processes that underpin the daily running of the business are effective and don’t hamper our creativity.

Take a look at the article - ‘Smarter Working’, which explains our approach.

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