Supporting an education initiative for Anglia Ruskin University

Onespacemedia is lending support to The Employability Forum - an initiative set up by Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) to help students develop their commercial design skills.

The project, headed up by ARU lecturer Nick Jeeves and Onespacemedia's creative director James Dellar, complements the University's design course by challenging students to respond to a live design brief devised to help them think about their work in a commercial context.

The fictional brief requires students to create a brand identity and show its application across a range of media - together with a set of brand guidelines and full costings. Creative director James Dellar will hold a workshop to help guide students midway through the project and provide critique in a review session at the end of the programme.

Nick Jeeves, Lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University commented "With graduate competition for jobs in the creative industries being so strong, we feel it's essential that our students are given as many opportunities as possible to begin making professional connections. With creative briefs like this we are providing our students with the perfect opportunity to begin thinking as professionals, and to test that new thinking within a professional context.

"We are hugely grateful to Onespacemedia for working with us so kindly and diligently; for sharing so much of their time with us, and for creating a brief that will not only test our students, but give them the chance to work with this most creative and considerate of businesses." 

James Dellar said "It's great to be involved in an initiative like this with ARU. Students really need to grasp what it's like to work in a fast-paced industry and often they don't get that opportunity from working within the curriculum. We find that when students apply for roles with us it's rare that they have examples of a brand working cohesively across a wide range of mediums while paying close attention to their audience. The brief we created sets out to challenge the students' mind set and illustrate the importance of research and the role it plays when delivering a well thought-out final result."

Check back for the results!  


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