The ultimate collection of web design resources

A collection of the most inspiring and informative blogs out there, from members of the Onespacemedia design team.

Blogs are an invaluable resource to any designer for keeping up to date with digital trends, inspiring creativity and providing a forum for discussion with the wider community. Here's our design team's pick of the best web design resources out there. 


James Dellar, Creative Director

I have to stay up to date across a broad range of media and I use Nuzzel to collate my interests. Nuzzel pulls together articles being shared by my Twitter community with an option to segment by Twitter lists, which is particularly useful. Stories are listed by popularity so I can quickly tap into hot topics. It's a great way of accessing a broad range of targeted content.

I also use a Chrome extension called Panda to collate a wide range of blogging platforms straight into my home tab, these include Product Hunt for startup news, Designer News (created by LayerVault) Dribbble, Awwwards and The Next Web - which is great for tech news.

Some of my favourite design-specific blogs are:

Aisle One 

A great resource which has a focus on graphic design, typography and grid systems.

Swiss Miss 

Run by Tina Roth Eisenberg - aka Swiss Miss - what started out as a personal online archive has grown to become a hugely popular design blog attracting over 1 million unique users a month. Swiss Miss is a fantastic resource for just about anything creative. Just filter by the vast choice of interests and you're good to go. Run by Tina Roth Eisenberg it also incorporates CreativeMornings - a free breakfast lecture event based on a global theme that is run in 120 cities around the world - well worth checking out.

Under Consideration

Since it was founded in 2002 Under Consideration has launched six sites that both encourage discussion in and celebrate different aspects of design - Speak UpBrand NewQuipsologies, The Design Encyclopedia, Word It, and FPO. My favourite is Brand New - a platform that allows designers to give their opinions on major brand identity projects along with their own comprehensive reviews.

George Hadfield, Designer 

I tend to stick my faithful blogs for user experience inspiration and support. These two are hard to beat.

Studio by UXPin

Studio features tons of credible UI/UX tutorials, articles and ebooks that ultimately save designers time and effort - everything from prototyping to best practices (and everything in between).

Their blog is bang up to date with with expertise and the latest UI/UX trends with posts from some of the best in the business, including UX content strategist Jerry Cao.

Stack Exchange

UX Stack Exchange is a great Q&A forum for the web community. It started out as a development only community but has gained an audience across various web disciplines, including UX (my channel of choice!). The community is really engaged and it’s a great resource for problem solving.

Chiara Mensa, Designer

I tend to use a mixture of Twitter lists and blogs to stay up to date with things. My Twitter lists allow me to quickly skim through what's getting the design community talking. It’s very immediate so extremely powerful as a news resource.

My go-to blogs are:

The Collective on Codrops

I like how their weekly issues always manage to cover things that have gone under my radar. They are great at featuring little hidden gems of content and they have a lot of variety, from opinion pieces to freebies and tutorials

A List Apart

A List Apart is full of truly insightful pieces that are very in-depth, albeit a bit technical. It covers design, development, and the meaning of web content, focussing on web standards and best practices. A great companion for a lazy Sunday afternoon.


This is a much lighter read, more tutorial and design resource oriented. It's a great way to expand your skillset - just pick a tutorial about some new design technique/trend and getting your hands dirty!

We hope you've found our suggestions useful. Maybe you have some fantastic resources of your own - feel free to share them in the comments below.

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